2-GAS-Type B Appliance Courses

Type B gas appliance courses.

CPCPGS4023B Install, service and commission Type B gas appliances

1-Gas course Induction-Type B Gas 2018 students- Pre-eLearning

To be completed first before you commence the next stage or attend the face to face 

Pre-Learning- gas basics for all gas courses.

2-CPCPGS4023B-Type B gas course 2018

April 2017-2018- On Line TYPE B gas course

Five Sections

3-Type B Gas resources

CPCPGS4023B Install , service and commission Type B gas appliances .

Resource section 

4-Type-B Gas- Remedial

CPCPGS4023B- Type B gas course second project - Remedial projects

  • Submission for Air heat burner- Assignment/ assessment- Due Monday Week Two
  • Install commissioning assessment - Completed on Day 7

5-CPCPGS3050A- Type B gas flues design Course

6-CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems- 

Welcome to the education journey , the Voyage of Discovery into the next level of Type B gas appliances.

Design industrial gas systems.