2-GAS-Type B Appliance Courses

Type B gas appliance courses.

CPCPGS4023B Install, service and commission Type B gas appliances

1-Gas course Induction-Type B Gas students- Pre-eLearning

To be completed first before you commence the next stage or attend the face to face 

Pre-Learning- gas basics for all gas courses.


CPCPGS4023B Install, service and commission Type B gas appliance course-

This course is designed for participants as a pre-learning unit  to under pin their knowledge

This Type B gas unit is to be completed prior to commencing the CPCPPS5001B Design Industrial gas systems- We call advanced Type B gas appliance systems.

UEPMNT368A Repair and maintain stationary gas fuelled reciprocating engines

UEPMNT367A Install and commission stationary gas fuelled reciprocating engines

 This unit covers the installation and commissioning of stationary gas fuelled reciprocating engines for approval where required. It encompasses working safely and to installation standards matching the plant/equipment, location, components and fuel train pipe-work to given specifications. Commissioning the plant and equipment including: pre commissioning tests, start up, adjusting components and controls to safe and efficient operation.  Completing all necessary installation and commissioning documentation.

2-New- CPCPGS4023B-Type B gas course 2017

April 2017- On Line TYPE B gas course

Five Sections

2-NSW- CPCPGS4023B Type B gas course -5 module  E-Learning and 6 days face to face practical / assessments

3-Type B Gas resources

CPCPGS4023B Install , service and commission Type B gas appliances .

Resource section 

4-Type-B Gas- Remedial

CPCPGS4023B- Type B gas course second project - Remedial projects

  • Submission for Air heat burner- Assignment/ assessment- Due Monday Week Two
  • Install commissioning assessment - Completed on Day 7

5-CPCPGS3050A- Type B gas flues design Course

6-CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems- 

Welcome to the education journey , the Voyage of Discovery into the next level of Type B gas appliances.

Design industrial gas systems.