3-GAS-Type A Gas Fitting Courses-

Gas Work License courses- Restricted to service

Gas Work License courses- Certificate III in gas fitting

Gas Work License courses- Certificate IV units - for open licences.

Type A gas refresher courses.

Before you start the Voyage of Discovery  

1-Gas Basics- Induction & Pre-learning-2018
Gas Education Journey 

Need to know........

-RFGL-MODULE 1-4 Gas 2018-Type A gas course 2018

Online subjects to be completed before the commencement of the Face to face training.

Subjects covered.

  • HLTFA211 Provide basic emergency life support
  • CPCPCM2039A Carry out interactive workplace communication
  • CPCPCM2043A Carry out WHS requirements
  • CPCPGS3052A Maintain Type A gas appliances
  • CPCPGS3057A Size consumer gas piping systems
  • CPCPGS3048A Install gas pressure control
  • CPCPGS3051A Purge consumer piping
  • CPCPGS3053A Disconnect and reconnect Type A appliances
  • CPCPGS3054A Calculate and install natural ventilation for Type A appliances

3-GAS-HLTF211A-Provide basic emergency life support 

Basic First Aid Course for the Gas Students 

3-RFGL-Type A Caravan - Marine